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Yours sincerely, JLuis Cargnelutti

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You're absolutely right, and I've been known to cut off people who  have no interest  in being a benefit to my life.  I  struggle with cutting off my parents, though. It's probably a weakness of mine, I dunno. But perhaps I should revisit  it.  

The thing is, they ARE good  people. They're wonderful grandparents.  They love my daughter and have treated her well over the years. They treat her better  than they've treated me, and that's all I really care about - that my daughter feels loved  and appreciated. I had to get involved once when I heard  of them giving her bad  advice, but normally they're wonderful  grandparents. 

Maybe I'm biased and naive, and maybe I just can't let  them go. I'll think  about your words. Thank you.

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